Saturday, April 23, 2011

Keeping track

I have never kept track of how many layouts I do before but I started this year.  At Club CK, one of my friends started a challenge in January called the Layout Lottery.  She got us to estimate how many layouts we'd do in three months and then post that number.  You have to share your layout in the gallery and on that particular thread and then keep a running total.  She totalled everyone's estimates and from there randomly chose winners based on the layout number in the thread.

To the beginning of April, I had finished 116 layouts!  Yes, that's incredible for me!  Granted, I included my monthly collages and a mini-album in there but still, that's a lot of scrapping!!  This month, I've slowed right down and have only added 14 more to the total but I'm back on track and will be posting more shortly.  I've decided to keep track here on my blog too!

So, who's with me?  It really is neat to see how many pages you actually do in a certain amount of time.  :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our weekend at the beach

We just got back from a fabulous few days at the beach.  For Mom's last few days here, we decided to go to Negril to chill out on the beach.  We stayed at the Westender Inn, which was outside of town but was so relaxing and just plain awesome.  The service there is second to none and we highly recommend it to anyone thinking of coming to Jamaica and not wanting the cookie-cutter all-inclusive resort experience.

There is a small, rocky beach at the Westender and right beside it is this very cool sea pool.  K loved it there!

Our first night in Negril, we had supper by the sea at our hotel.  Mom and D enjoyed lobster with garlic butter - this is the place for seafood in Jamaica!   Here's our first sunset:

The next day, we went to Cosmo's, a restaurant on the 7-Mile Beach and hung out there for the day.  The turquoise water here is just absolutely stunning.  Here are D, K and A enjoying the warm water.

The next evening, we went to the Push Cart restaurant, which is right on the sea and you get the pretty sunset over the water.  Everyone was very happy with the food, especially K with her multi-coloured  pasta.  Here's D's Conch Curry:

After we watched the sun set at Push Cart, we went back to the Westender for their Sunday night bonfire, which was fantastic!  Here's a picture of the full moon:

And D got some fantastic bonfire pictures:

 K and A dancing by the bonfire:

The next day, we took a glass-bottom boat ride out to the reef.  Here are pics of the Sargeant-Major fish when K and A were feeding them some bread crumbs.  They came up to the surface in droves!

You can head over to our family blog to see a slideshow of the whole weekend.