Friday, February 10, 2012


One last layout from my scrappy weekend!  There were so many more challenges that I wanted to do but alas, I ran out of time.  Boo!  lol  This was a great challenge for me - to do a layout about a little one doing something typically girly or boyish.  I was going through our photos and I found these pictures of A when he was just over a year old throwing rocks into the ocean.  We were on a trip to Uruguay and our hotel was right near the water so one morning, we took the kids to the beach to throw rocks.  Both of them loved doing it so we spent a good hour there while my mom was getting ready for the day.  I love these pics of A doing one of the things that he's always loved to do.

I used Julie Billingsley's kit "Leaps and Bounds" for this layout.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


This layout was for yet another challenge - can you tell what my current obsession is?  lol  The challenge was to use onomatopoeia in your title.  I went through some of the pics of A's first year and when I came across these ones, I knew what title I wanted.  So funny!

When I decided to use these pictures, I knew I wanted a fun font for the title.  I hadn't yet used my new stitching template for letters so I decided to pull them out.  I love using them!

It seems as though buttons have become one of my go-to scrappy supplies since working on A's books.  I look to ribbon and then to buttons.  I also tried out my new blending tool for inking on the bottom scallop border and I must say, I love it!  So much easier than the other ways I've done inking.  And yes, you saw it right...I used Smooch spritz again on my layout.  Not sure why I'm going to it so often lately but hey, whatever does it for you, right?  lol

And gems!  I never, ever thought that one of my go-to scrappy supplies would be gems because they don't seem me but I use them often.  When I can't find that just-right embellie, a gem seems to fit the ticket.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun at the Fair

Last week's issue challenge at Club CK was to use the colours on the cover of the current of Creating Keepsakes.  I love the combo of purple, teal and brown so I was really excited about it.  I had started a different layout but then realized that it was a sketch from Sketch Support and wasn't my own design and for this challenge, I like it to be of my own design because Erika gives us such great feedback.  So, I'll save my other one for later and I did this one instead.

I used the kit "Bumble Blooms" from Julie Billingsley.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


This was another fast scrap layout.  Yep, two in one weekend!  It's hard for me to believe that I managed to do two in two days.  Wowzers!  We were to use at least three patterned papers and to have either a star or yellow on the layout.  So, I went with this kit and these pictures.  These are some of my favourite pictures of A - he's just so happy and his smile is priceless.

I used Melissa Bennett's "Artistic U" digi kit.

Monday, February 6, 2012


This layout was for a fast scrap, meaning we had one hour to get it done.  It's so tough for me but I'm getting better at doing it.  I decided to use these pictures of A on New Year's Eve when he decided to play us some songs on the piano.  It was so cute and I just loved the little hat he was wearing.  One of the things I loved in this kit was the painted bubblewrap circles that I used as a journalling spot.

I used Julie Billingsley's "Rambunctious" digi kit.