Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jamaica Day Pre-K Style

I did this layout for the weekly challenge at Club CK to lift a layout posted to the Layout Lottery thread. I chose to lift this layout by my friend, Laurie:

I love the simplicity of it and how classy it looks.

For my layout, I did the left-hand page as my lift and then made a second page to go with it to incorporate all the pictures I wanted to use.  My layout doesn't have the classy feel that Laurie's has but I really like how it turned out.

I did this layout about K's first school-wide event back in October.  The whole school had prepared presentations for the parents to celebrate Jamaica Day.  K's class danced the Maypole Dance with the Grade 5 students and it was the sweetest thing!  And our sweet little girl who was so terribly shy and still crying every morning about going to school surprised us so much on stage.  She came out with the other kids and skipped across the stage and had an absolute blast doing their dance.  She had a big grin on her face the whole time.  That's when we realized that she must be the kind whose place is the stage.  :)

I used a mish-mash of products from several of the digi kits I have:  "Animal Farm" and "Festive in Green" by Heather Roselli; "Mouse Mania" and "Find Your Wings" by Julie Billingsley; "Artistic U" by Melissa Bennett; "Tutu Cute" by Just So Scrappy and "Hobby of Memories" from JDS.

I took the same yellow alpha I used for the first part of the title and recoloured them for the second part because there was too much yellow had I kept it.  I love so much that I've learned how to do that!!!

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