Thursday, February 9, 2012


This layout was for yet another challenge - can you tell what my current obsession is?  lol  The challenge was to use onomatopoeia in your title.  I went through some of the pics of A's first year and when I came across these ones, I knew what title I wanted.  So funny!

When I decided to use these pictures, I knew I wanted a fun font for the title.  I hadn't yet used my new stitching template for letters so I decided to pull them out.  I love using them!

It seems as though buttons have become one of my go-to scrappy supplies since working on A's books.  I look to ribbon and then to buttons.  I also tried out my new blending tool for inking on the bottom scallop border and I must say, I love it!  So much easier than the other ways I've done inking.  And yes, you saw it right...I used Smooch spritz again on my layout.  Not sure why I'm going to it so often lately but hey, whatever does it for you, right?  lol

And gems!  I never, ever thought that one of my go-to scrappy supplies would be gems because they don't seem me but I use them often.  When I can't find that just-right embellie, a gem seems to fit the ticket.

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