Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Song

Every week, Erika posts an issue challenge over at Club CK.  I love doing them but lately, I've been dropping the ball.  I can't seem to get them done within the week but I try to get at least one done for the end of the month.  One of the challenges this month was to use a song as inspiration for a LO.  I had been thinking on this one for quite a while.  I wasn't sure what song to use or what photos.  Then, one day last week, it came to me.  Why not use "our" song?  I had to get some of our wedding photos scanned so that happened on Friday. 

I used Julie Billingsley's kit "A Love to Last" and the fonts are Pea Jack and Jane and Blackjack.

Yesterday was spring cleaning day.  Derwin attacked our bedroom with a vengeance and it looks so great.  I decided to tackle my scrapbooking area which had become a disaster zone.  I got all the sheets of paper put back where they belong and then it was the scraps.  I used a system that a message board friend suggested and I love it, but I'd fallen behind.  Jennifer (paperclipz) cuts her scraps down to the nearest inch starting at 2" and then attaches them with a bulldog clip so it forms a kind of fan.  It's so much faster to find the scrap you need.  However, the key to this system is to keep up with it, which I've failed miserably to do.  So, last night, I decided to get cutting.  I got through a good chunk of them but after 2 1/2 hours, my eyes were going buggy so I stopped for the day.  I'm doing it again every chance I get until it's caught up.


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Beautiful Layout Dana! That is such an awesome idea as I never need a layout about "Our" song. Thanks for the inspiration!

PS ... Love that song!

Beth Hallgren said...

I love that song! Beautiful layout Dana and gorgeous photo!