Friday, February 25, 2011

Bringing more into the fold

Last night, a new scrapbooking friend of mine held a workshop to introduce scrapbooking to people.  Diana held it at a yoga studio that a good friend of hers owns and her approach to it was how meaningful scrapbooking can be.  Not only do you express yourself through creativity, you can validate yourself and your loved ones through it.  She did a great job explaining what scrapbooking is and why it is meaningful to her. 

I had helped her put together some page kits earlier in the week for the ladies to work with.  There were 2 patterned papers, 1 piece of cardstock and a few simple embellishments.  Diana brought everything that was needed to create a page and the ladies did a great job with it.  It had been a long time since I'd worked with beginners so it was interesting to have to explain how to choose the papers, how to set up a design and how to cut the papers down to size.  But it was a good reminder of how we all started off.

Here's a link to Diana's blog.  You really should check out her work - it's beautiful:

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Diana said...

Thanks for the positive review.
I could not have done it without you.
Thank you SO MUCH.