Friday, March 18, 2011

December is done

I have to say, I *heart* our new iMac.  It is soooooo much faster to do my digital scrapbooking on.  I threw together my December monthly in just a couple hours today, compared to I don't know how many hours on our laptop.  Wow!  This is so exciting!

I just love how these turn out!  And now that it's even faster to do, that leaves me more time to do my time-consuming layouts.  :D


Diana said...

Great LOs, great photos! What do you do with these? Print them?

Vanessa said...

Your layouts look great...what a nice way to keep all your photos!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Oh wow Dana! You did an awesome job! There are so many beautiful photos in these layouts! I'm glad you are enjoying your new mac :)