Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I'm so not a card maker but I've decided that I need to try.  I just don't find it natural and coming up with ideas for them is really tough.  However, I've had a few things where I needed cards so I decided to sit down and really focus.

This one is what D got for Father's Day.  Very simple but it works.  The stamped message and the rounded corners are what make this card for me.  And I painted the edge of the card and then inked the edge of the message mat.

Little A's birthday was yesterday so I needed to make a birthday card for him.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for it, so I kept it simple with a strip and the border strips and a few buttons.  I used old letter stickers and painted them brown to go with the card.

For K's birthday card, I wasn't sure what to do so once again, I kept it simple.  I cut out the flower block from some patterned paper that I had in my stash and added a pink gem.  I put them on a couple strips and done!

And the best thing?  I used scraps for all of these cards.  Woo hoo!

My favourite card is this one that I did for our anniversary back in May.  I did do it on time but hadn't taken a picture of it!  lol  I really like how it all came together - the circular card, the colours, the flower, the stitching on the title mat, the little stamped birdie.

So, what I'm starting to realize is that for me to be able to do cards and actually semi-enjoy it, I need to keep it simple.  I can't overthink it and I just need to keep the fancy stuff to a minimum.  Maybe one day I can start doing fancier ones but at least I've come to terms with what my card style is and can work with it.


okanogangirl said...

Those are great Dana!!! You did good

Moongirl said...

Great cards! I love the animal one!

Jill Sarginson said...

Cute cards!!! :)