Thursday, June 16, 2011


I did this layout quite a while ago for a session of May layout tag at Skrap 'n Chat. You're given a sketch or a layout to scraplift and it gets passed along.  I was the first on the list this time and it was a sketch with just one photo so I decided to choose one of my favourites.  I haven't done any of K's pictures in the year after she turned one so I thought I'd go back and choose one from there.

As you know, this isn't really my style, with so much white space.  However, I love the colours and the little splash of digi paint that I used.  :)

I used a little bit from a whole bunch of digi supplies on this layout:
Background Paper:  Katie Pertiet's "Joulunaika Solids"
Patterned Paper and Purple Button:  Julie Billingsley's "Bumbleblooms"
Blue Paper and Blue Paint:  Julie Billingsley's "Leaps and Bounds"
Pink Scallop and Pink Jewel Flower:  Kristin Cronin Barrow's "Scoop It Up"
Pin:  Jessica Sprague "Now We're Rockin'" digi class
White Button and Ribbon:  Heather Roselli's "Busy Little Boys"
Purple Felt Heart:  Pattie Knox's "Have a Heart"
K:  Mindy Terasawa's "Howdy Cowboy"