Monday, January 23, 2012

1 Month Old

I'm finally at A's one-month photos.  Yep, that's it!  However, I have done layouts from other points in his year but I can't believe how slow it's gone.  Wowzers!  And that's with all my scrapping last year too!  Oh well, at least I'm enjoying the process.  :D

These papers are old - I have no idea of any lines or anything.  Just using up my stash!  I was quite proud of myself for using some foam Thickers (I rarely use them) but I needed them to match so I inked them.  Note to self (and others):  NEVER INK THICKERS WITH REGULAR INK!  Nope, it doesn't stay on.  I thought it'd dry but it doesn't - it just keeps smudging.  Yuck!  I ended up getting ink on the background paper because of this fiasco.  Hence the flower trails!  lol  You gotta be creative to cover up your boo-boos, right?  I do like how they fill up some extra white space - I have issues embracing white space so filling it up is good for me.

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Beth Hallgren said...

You'd never know , the flowers look perfect! Love the color scheme :)