Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Cutest Superman Ever

I decided to scrap these photos of A's first Halloween.  I absolutely loved the kids' costumes and these pictures make me smile.  So, I wanted to do a great job with them.  I love the colour palette and it was fun to try a couple new things.

I won these transfers from a challenge from Club CK last year and hadn't used them yet.  Since I was actually paper scrapping some Halloween pics, I decided to give them a try.  I used the embossing powder that I also won in that prize package (can you believe that it matched the colours I'd already chosen?!).  I'd never embossed before so I had to get creative on how I'd heat the powder.  I used my flat iron for this one.  It worked OK but it warped the paper.

For this one, I had gotten some advice from scrappy friends to try a light bulb so I tried it.  It worked better, slower but no warping.

And then I used some blue glitter for this one.  I hadn't used it before either.

The circles by the title didn't start out as circles.  I thought I'd try out my new Sew Easy scallop stitching head but I didn't realize that I'd pierced the holes the wrong way.  :(  Oops!  I had to make it work so I pierced holes on the other side to make it look like rings.  That's why they aren't perfectly round.  But that's OK - it's part of the scrapping process.

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Cassie said...

cute layout! and super cute spiderman!