Thursday, July 5, 2012

My New Scrapping Space

Now that I am on summer vacation, I decided to finish putting together my scrapping space.  I had cabinetry made for this space in the winter but I hadn't used it for scrapping.  I knew I had to take the time to put everything where I want it so that I can find everything easily and maximize my scrappy time.  I absolutely love it and can't wait to scrap the summer away.  :D

Because of the size of my space and the fact that it's a shared space with the kiddos' play area, I decided to go with a U-shaped desk.  Most of it is for me to use but the left surface is for the kids to scrap or do crafts at.  There's a space for a chair on one side and then further down space for a chair on the opposite side so they will be facing each other while crafting.

This is my drawer system.  I got six shallow but wide drawers made for housing my most-used supplies.  I've got my ATG and other adhesives as well as my pencils, erasers and ruler there.  In the second drawer, I have all my stitching tools - piercing mat, needles, stencils, Sew Easy and heads.  I have all my punches in the next drawer down.  In the fourth drawer, I have my inks and right below that, I have all my stamping stuff.  In the bottom drawer, that's where I keep my cutting supplies - my circle cutter and my Cricut gear.

Then I had him make 10 almost square drawers and that's where I keep my embellies.  I've got my gems and pearls in one drawer, chipboard in another, 3-dimensional stickers in another, mists, paints, Stickles, rub-ons, tags and extra adhesive.  None of them are full yet but I like having everything separate - it makes it so easy to find.

This is where I keep my paper.  Now, it's not a finished area because I need some more Cropper Hopper vertical storage containers to move my PP over.  Right now it's in a plastic bin with a lid under the desk and it works quite well.  I separate out my cardstock by colour (I do that with PP too) and store it here.  I keep my specialty papers in those coloured craft envelopes.  To the left of those, I have my magazines and my sketch book, my alphas and in the skinny one, I decided to put my Allison Davis sketch books.  On the bottom, I put the paper pads that I haven't taken apart because they're more specialty ones and some paper collections.  I also keep my folders where I put my page kits to work on down here.  And in the last square, I have all the baby boy stuff handy, since I'm still working on A's baby album.  :)

This is my shelf above the desk.  This is where I keep the bigger things and the prettier things that I use.  

Here's a close-ups of my ribbon, buttons and brad storage.  I bought these little glass jars in the winter and decided to separate all my goodies by colour.  I don't have that many brads so I put all the minis in one container and the bigger ones in another.  

I decided to store all my embroidery floss and twine in this bowl that we got from Pakistan.  It doesn't take me long to find the colour I want in here and I like how it looks on the shelf.  :)

This is the spot where the kids can work.  I bought a big quilting mat from the fabric store when they had a 50% off sale.  So they can get messy all they want!  There's also one of the Ott lights I got from Joanne's online when they had one of their great sales.

This is my main area.  I decided to keep my craft mats out and ready.  I put my Cricut in the corner because I don't use it too often but I also don't want to have to lug it out when I do want to use it.  I love my other Ott light with a carousel for goodies.  I have a tray for my good pens and then just a regular pen stand for my not-so-special ones.

This is my big shelf.  I store my filled and unfilled albums there as well as page protectors and photos.  It's not organized much yet but at least I have a place for everything.  I got that Cropper Hopper cart at Christmas  and I decided to keep my less-used stuff there - stickers, bigger chipboard, etc.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour through my craft space.  Now I have to focus on decorating the walls around it with inspiration.


Beth Hallgren said...

What a wonderful space Dana!

Moongirl said...

Very fun space!

Steffanie said...

So happy for you! Your space looks great!

Becky said...

Looks great!!!

blsd2scrp said...

wow! love this scrap space!!!

Caroli said...

This is awesome!!! Love your space, wo white and clean and well organized, I'm so jelous, LOL!
Saludos desde Chile :)

csewy-csescrap13 said...

A super scrap your large work area!