Sunday, April 3, 2011

Busy week

It's been a busy week in our household.  The kids and I went up to Montego Bay to pick up my mom from the airport.  We stayed there overnight and we had fun at the pool and hanging out with Gramma.  Then Wednesday, my little guy had his first taste of preschool.  We just went for an hour so he could see what it was all about and then went again for half the morning on Friday.  He's going to go again next week for the whole morning to see how he does on his own.  Thursday was spent running around getting things ready for my little girl's birthday party.

Friday was also baking day so things would be ready for the big day.  We also had dance practice and tutoring so it was busy.  Saturday was the pool party and it was lots of fun!  It was great to have Gramma here for her birthday, the first time since Little Miss was born.

So, needless to say, not much scrapping happened this week!  I did do this layout for the Chinese Whispers game over at Club CK.  I did this based off a layout sent to me by my friend Carolyn.  Since I've done all the monthly collages for 2010, I thought I'd start doing random pictures from the year.  This was when DD learned how to blow bubbles with gum - it was just too cute!  I used Jessica Sprague's Strawberry Lemonade digi kit.


Diana said...

Cuteness! Bebel would LOvE to know how to do this but I wouldn't even know where to begin to teach her!

Candice said...

Wonderfully adorable! The color combo is great! I would have never guessed it's digi!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Those pictures are too cute! You did a great job on the layout! I hope your daughter's birthday is a special one ... especially with Grandma there! And good luck to your son in pre-school, he must be so excited!