Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Minis

I got this idea from my friend Vanessa (check out her blog) and I think setting mini-goals is the perfect exercise for a Monday morning.  I used to set goals all the time but once I became a SAHM who was sleep deprived, my main focus was survival!  Now, though, I think it's time I get focused again and doing mini goals is the perfect way to do it.

Taking from Vanessa's list because I think it's awesome:

Nutrition:  We've been in birthday party mode the last few days, so eating has been whatever we can put together quickly.  This week, I want to plan out our meals again and eat well.  When I have my weekly menu, I stick to it and we eat so much better.
Exercise:  Since it's gotten so hot, I don't feel like exercising in the mornings.  So, my goal is to do my yoga every morning, no matter what.  If I can do that, I'm sure I'll feel like doing my walking routine too.
Relationships:  I want to make a point of having some special one-on-one time with each of my loved ones every week.  Whether it's snuggling with my hubby and watching a movie, going for "coffee" with my little sweet girl or doing some monster truck rumbling with my little man, it doesn't matter.  I want to make a conscious effort to include some of this more often.
Creativity:  My creativity is in the form of scrapbooking.  I used to do mosaics but they have taken a back-burner to scrapping for a while.  This week, I'd like to get at least one layout done for one of the many challenges that inspire me all the time at my favourite two scrappy hangouts.
Me-Time:  I signed up for three online classes back in January and haven't gotten started on any of them.  So, I want to sit down and start working on Digi in Deeper with Jessica Sprague.


Diana said...

Great idea. There's something about setting out your goals that just makes achieving them that much more doable.
btw -- you think THIS is hot...?!

DanaMK said...

Yes! The humidity has gotten so much higher than before! I know it's not like August but it's not summer yet!! :) I don't do well with humidity - never have.

Candice said...

This is a great idea! I can see myself having a lot more time & getting a lot more done. Definitely going to try this out, TFS!

Beth Hallgren said... goal is just to get out of bed every morning! :)

Vanessa said...

Love your will have so many great things to look foward to this week!
I am the same way with meal makes a huge difference!