Friday, May 20, 2011


This is another layout I did on NSD.  I originally had it with just the triangle of embellies but it looked so bare on the left-hand side that I added the buttons and hearts.

I never used to use buttons but since starting A's baby book, I've sure become a fan.  I love the look of them and think they add so much to a page.

I've been really trying to figure out how to do embellishment clusters.  Jennifer Larson did a great blog post not long ago about how she does her embellishment layering.  It's wonderful advice but I still seem to struggle with it.  On most of my layouts, I see what I can do to do the clusters or layering and nothing looks right so I just forget about it.  However, on this page, I decided to mount these stickers on cardstock, cut them out and then add some foam to give them a more 3-D look.  When doing that, I realized that I could actually make a cluster out of them.  I kept two of the hearts flat and raised up the moon, boat, duck and one heart.  To fill in the gaps, I added a couple buttons.  I don't think it's perfect but I'm pretty happy with it.  My first successful cluster!  :)  Oh, and these stickers are super old - they're from a random baby sticker pack and I thought they were cute so I used them.

I decided to use dimension here too by layering circles and using foam again and then topping them off with a sweet little metallic flower.


andi said...

He's adorable, love the soft colors & the embelishment groupings.

Diana said...

I love the buttons to the side. The entire LO is darling.