Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Oh Canada!

For the July Thanks Living challenge, Erika talked to us about the principles of grounding and anchoring.  I guess it's something that I do much more naturally now but I never took the time to think about it.  So, while doing this layout, I let it come together as I wanted it to but then I checked to make sure that there were both aspects. 

The Thanks Living Statement that I chose to scrap was about my appreciation for the country I live in.  It's serious journalling for a "cutesy" layout but I planned it that way; I wanted to "offset" the seriousness with some playfulness.

So, how did I incorporate grounding and anchoring?  I grounded my layout with the three paper blocks underneath my photo, along with the mist on the background.  I also grounded my title onto the photo and paper blocks so it wasn't floating alone on the background.  I used my embellies, the ribbon and the journal spot to anchor the block to the background.

Supplies used:  digital kit "Canada Eh" from Peppermint Creative, scalloped border from Splendid Fiins, 
white ribbon from "Busy Little Boys" by Heather Roselli, 
digital mist by Gennifer Bursett and the dashed line by Cathy Zielske

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Moongirl said...

Oh, I love this! Your title is so cool and I love the colors. That is a great thing to be thankful for.