Thursday, July 19, 2012

One Little Word Check-In

When I chose my OLW, it was to help guide me through this year.  I did well with it until March arrived and school got so hectic.  This month, we were to reflect upon how we have incorporated our word into our lives and where we need to go from here.  We were also asked to used brightly coloured paper on the LO.

Supplies used:  Jen Allyson's digital kit "Vanity Fair - Persimmon" - papers, stamps, embellies
Julie Billingsley's scalloped border and scalloped circle

I felt that the photos were very bright so I chose to use more muted colours in my paper and embellie choices.  However, they're quite busy so I figured that counted for something.  ;)

I followed a sketch from Page Maps (April 2010 #2).

The journalling reads:

Half-way through the year calls for some reflection on my journey towards peace.  I don’t feel as though I’ve made much progress at all.  I did well until March and then things at work got so, so busy and hectic and I found that I was so consumed by work and family that peace was not in my life at all.  Then along came June with Uncle Lyn’s passing, Kristin’s wedding and then Larsen’s passing, along with the tough decision to go back to high school part-time and the regular end-of-year things at school. I was so thankful for June to be done.

Now, though, that summer holidays are here and I have the time to recharge and do things for me, I feel more at peace.  I’m more in control and I don’t have anything that I have to do. Some thing that I’ve discovered does bring me peace is gardening.  Being outside and working in the dirt with plants makes me forget about everything and just be.  And what better way to find peace than to just be?
   July 2012    

Although I haven't done too well in keeping peace in my life, I do know that it is something that I NEED in my life so I will continue to strive for it.  It may end up being my word again next year but that's OK.  I think it's one of those lessons that I'm meant to learn but is a very difficult one for me.  So, I will continue to look for it.


Steffanie said...

Beautiful layout, Dana. Love your journaling. It's honest and tells life like it is. Good for you for not giving up!

Pamela said...

Well done! And great reflection. :)

Moongirl said...

What a pretty page! I love the simple beauty of it.