Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Look Out World!

I decided I better get scrapping again because the summer is almost over and I need to take advantage of no obligations!  :)  So, I decided to jump on some challenges at my two favourite scrappy hangouts.

I also remember a tutorial that my friend, Adele, made with her sister to teach us how to make our own stick pins.  I love the stick pin crazy but I don't have many in my stash because, let's face it, they're pretty pricey.  So, I ordered a bunch of different beads from Jo's online and my friend, Laurie, mailed them to me a while ago.  Yesterday was the day that I decided to give it a go.  And I have to say that I'm pretty happy with the results.  Here they are:

This is the layout that I made the red pin for.  This was for a challenge at SNC for April.  We were to use grey as our base with a pop of red and some distressing.

A close-up of the buttons and the stick pin.  I see I need to get more glue off.  *blush*

I also inked the cardstock underneath the vellum title block as well as the edges of the vellum:


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I have never made my own stick pins but it looks so fabulous that I might have to give it a go. Good for you to find a more economic way to get the trendy looks!

Ashley Horton said...

Cute layout Dana and your stick pins turned out fabulous!!