Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What I Like About Me

At Club CK, there is a challenge to do a layout about yourself.  At first, I thought this would be a tough layout to do as I don't normally scrapbook myself.  I include myself on pages about our family or our travels but I've only ever done one other page about myself.  However, as I got going on the page, I realized that it wasn't difficult at all and in fact, I enjoyed doing it!

I started out choosing the kit that I wanted to use, which is Julie Billingsley's "Prairie Fields", and then I chose the photo.  After that, I just started playing around with the design and the papers and came with this:

I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to journal about but then it struck me.  I hadn't ever really written down what I like about myself so I thought this would be the perfect subject for the page.  I am a confident person and I know that there is plenty of good in me, along with the bad and the "needs improvement" bit.  So I figured that I should get at least some of it down in writing!  lol


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

What a great idea Dana! I'm going to have to try this cause like you, I'm never the focus of any of my layouts :) You did a great job!

Shanon said...

I like your LO! I have never done a LO about me but I did take Cathy Z's Encyclopedia of Me class at BPC a couple of years ago. While I wasn't in any of the photos the entire book is about me. I am thinking of re-doing this every couple of years.

Diana said...

I love this! Can I use it in the workshop later?